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About me

Hello! I’m from Togliatti in Samara district. Yes, you are right - I was born and grew up in that city where famous Zyguli and Lada cars are being produced. After finishing Russian Borkovka school (which already sounds good) I graduated from the Volzhsky University after V.N. Tatischev. And, after a one-year working experience in my native city, I moved to Saint Petersburg.

There are several things that I really like:


First of all, these are all kinds of technology (smartphones, gadgets, software, hardware and everything concerning to the web).


I don’t mind physical activity with dumbbells or chin-up bar in my free time. Also I practice parkour.


I enjoy everything with magic atmosphere, like in Fantasy. And, I don’t mind racing and shooting games.


Finally, I like everything that rattles, bangs and shouts loudly, but only if all these have its own rhythm.

My experience

I have 4 years of work experience. I started as full-stack developer of PHP + JavaScript in Togliatti. After moving to Saint Petersburg I continued to work in the same vein. Somewhat later I got interested in front-end, and after all I held front-end developer position in some of my last places of work. For now my stack is - Typescript + React. However I do not forget about back-end, when I have time, I write on Node.js.

I have already worked on start-ups and in small firms and companies. That’s high time to see what big corporations can offer.

АО Сбертех


october 2016 — till now

I was responsible for supervising front-end project. It was a very hard and interesting job.

A Suit That Fits


december 2015 — september 2016

This place changed my vision of many things. I’m truly grateful for being here.

E4e5 group


june 2015 — october 2015

I’ve got a really good experience in dealing with different systems and without the ones. Moreover, I have been studying the Technology unlimitedly.

404 Group


december 2013 — june 2015

Here I received my first serious working experience: CMS, frameworks, projecting, etc.


october 2012 — december 2013

As they say, "You can now forget all that you have been taught at the University". However, when I started working here, I understood that I even had nothing to forget!


july 2012 — august 2012

The very beginning of my career, during my University studies. The time of bold ideas and cheating clients.



may 2011 — june 2012

My repositories

This is often happens that you need to reuse your code. Repository is the perfect place to store, documenting and revision of the code. Some of my works:

My portfolio

I had a wide experience in developing and supporting different project, for example online business cards, content sites, online shops, CRM-systems and other projects which are hard to classify. Here is just a small list of projects that I was interested to work on and that brought me useful skills. But the other exciting things are ahead. :)

My skills

The list of my skills. I estimated them on a scale from 1 to 3:

  • - for technologies I used for educational purpose;
  • - skills I used at least for one project or studied more deeply;
  • - skill I often use now or I extensively used in the past.

My contacts

My contact information. Please, write me, call me, ask me and offer me anything concerning interesting works and projects.

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